Staff of Thranduil
Staff of Thranduil

Staff of Thranduil


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Staff of Thranduil - UC3014

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Father to Legolas Greenleaf, Thranduil is a powerful Elf-Lord and a legendary fighter. King of the Woodland Realm, he rules over the northern lands of the great forest known as Mirkwood. The staff of the Elvenking combines nature with Elven artistry. As a royal symbol of Thranduil's rule and authority over the Woodland Realm, the twisted oak shaft is crowned with an amber handle surrounded by flowing metal vine and lattice work.

This replica is crafted from polyresin and presented with a poly stone wall mount featuring a graphic motif of Thranduil, and includes a certificate of authenticity. Presented with a poly stone wall mount with Thranduil motif Intricately crafted polyresin construction Includes Certificate of Authenticity 66 13/16" overall length