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Black Legion Firefighter Axe - BV115
Black Legion Firefighter Long Axe- BV116
Available for back order
Kit Rae® Aircobra™ Throwing Axe - KR0055
M48 Kommando Survival Axe - UC2905
M48 Kommando Survival Hammer Tactical Hiking Staff - UC2960
Mace of Azog The Defiler - UC3015
Available for back order
Medieval Knight Axe - S5729
Medieval War Hammer - S5730
Native American Tomahawk/Axe Peace Pipe - A876
Single Ball Flail - S5525
Two Ball Flail - S5527
Available for back order
United Cutlery M48 Double Bladed Tactical Tomahawk
Available for back order
United Cutlery M48 Hawk Axe Tactical Tomahawk
United M48 Tactical War Hammer with Sheath
Viking Battle Axe - S5733