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2nds Staff of Gandalf the Grey - UC3108
ELROND'S Brooch Pendant - NN1260
GALADRIEL'S Flower Earrings -  NN1259
GALADRIEL'S Flower Necklace - NN1528
GALADRIEL'S Ring Earrings - NN1269
Available for back order
Hand of the King Pin - NN0036
Iron Throne Bookend - NN0071
The Alamo Bowie John Wayne's Knife Prop Replica
The Arwen™ Evenstar™ Earrings  - NN2987
The Brooch of GALADRIEL - NN1232
The EVENSTAR, Pendant of Arwen  - NV2770
The Hobbit Ring: The One Ring  - NN1348
The ONE RING Stainless Steel - Gold - NN1315
The ONE RING Stainless Steel Spinning - Gold - NN1346
Available for back order
THORIN OAKENSHIELD'S 8 X 10"Map & Key - NN1243
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