RICHARD the LIONHEART sword with plaque - A204
RICHARD the LIONHEART sword with plaque - A204

RICHARD the LIONHEART sword with plaque - A204


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Ornate Richard Lionheart Arming Medieval Sword With Plaque

DESCRIPTION: The Ornate Richard Lionheart Arming Medieval Sword with Plaque has a blade that measures 36 inches, a handle that measures 8 inches; with the overall length of the sword measuring 46 inches. The blade is constructed from stainless steel and has a ridge that runs down the center of the blade. The blade has intricate scroll work patterns. The blade is left unsharpened for safety purposes. The guard of the sword is golden and has a crest on the Quillon. Each arm of the guard is decorated with a scene of pilgrims in the Holy Land. A dragon head decorates the ends of each arm. The handle is also golden and is made in a ribbed design with golden highlights. The handle is seperated into two parts the four lions of Richard seperating them. The pommel is gold with the design of a detailed dragon. The plaque included is made from wood and is wall mountable.

LEGEND:Although, Richard I was well known for his bravery and courage in life it would be his death that would prove the true valor of the warrior king. During the Siege of the Castle Chateau de Chalus-Charbrol Richard was fatally shot by a crossbowman. Richard was walking around the perimeter of the castle, without armor on, when we spotted a crossbowman wielding a crossbow in one hand and a frying pan in the other hand. Throughout the day the crossbowman had used the frying pan as a shield to deflect enemy arrows. As Richard looked up the crossbowman aimed and fired an arrow at Richard, which struck him in the shoulder by the neck. Richard tried to remove the arrow by himself, but when he failed to do so summoned the field surgeon (or butcher) to remove the arrow. The field surgeon managed to remove the arrow, but not before the wound became gangrenous. As Richard lay dying he summoned the crossbowman who had hit him. Richard forgave the boy, set him free and awarded him 100 shillings. Richard is reported to have died a few days later in his mothers arms.

FEATURES: Blade: The blade of the sword has been constructed from 440 Stainless Steel with a ridge down the middle. In the center of the blade is a complex pattern of scroll work. The blade comes unsharpened for safty. Guard: The guard of the sword is golden with a crest on the Quillon. A scene of pilgrims in Holy Land decorates each arm of the guard. At the end of each arm is a dragon head. Handle: The handle is ribbed design with golden highlights. The four lions of Richard separate the handle into two parts. Pommel: The pommel of the sword is a detailed dragon. Plaque: A wood wall mount plaque with mounting hardware is included with the sword. Brand: Master Cutlery Specifications:Overall Length: 45 inchBlade Length: 36 inchHandle Length: 8 inchBlade Material: 440 Stainless steelItem Includes: Wooden Wall Plaque with Hardware Weight: 8.5 lbs. Shipping Weight: 13.6 lbs