Replica Flintlock Duelling Pistol Set
Replica Flintlock Duelling Pistol Set
Replica Flintlock Duelling Pistol Set
Replica Flintlock Duelling Pistol Set

Replica Flintlock Duelling Pistol Set


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Replica Flintlock Duelling Pistol Set

This Replica 15 inch English Duelling Flintlock Pistol set, circa 1700, are sold as a set and serve as an attractive decoration and conversation piece. They feature engraved locks, simulated brass barrels and plastic imitation wood stocks.

Flintlock is the general term for any firearm based on the flintlock mechanism. The term may also apply to the mechanism itself. Introduced at the beginning of the 17th century, the flintlock gun rapidly replaced earlier firearm-ignition technologies, such as the doglock, matchlock, and wheellock mechanisms.

It continued to be in common use for over two centuries, replaced by percussion cap and, later, cartridge-based systems in the early-to-mid 19th century. Although long superseded by modern firearms, flintlock weapons enjoy continuing popularity with black powder shooting enthusiasts. •Replica Flintlock has working mechanism •Crafted by dedicated craftsmen at Kosler in Spain •Authentic size and weight of actual gun •Flintlock makes a super prop gun

Duelling pistols would have been made to be as identical as possible in order to avoid giving either duellist an advantage or disadvantage.

The parts that made up the pistols were produced, configured & finished by hand with the utmost precision and attention to detail. This resulted in duelling pistols being more expensive than typical pistols being produced at that time.

Typically the duellists would pace in opposite directions until they were at a distance of around 35 feet apart.

While on the continent most pistols were riffled, in England smoothbore barrels were more common with some featuring scratch rifling. The pistols contained relatively large bullets that could weigh as much as half an ounce. With these bullets being fired at around 800 feet per second they were capable of inflicting significant damage to the opponent. This combined with the relatively low level of medical care often resulted in fatalities either at the time of the duel or sometime later.

Some sets included a hammer to help encourage what were slightly oversized bullets into the muzzle.

Over the years specialist companies became established in England, France, Germany, and Austria & North America. The best known & innovative of these were the companies based in London that included Wogdon & Barton, Mortimer, Durs Egg, Manton, Nock, and Purdey.

 Size: 41 X 20 X 6 CM