Pappenheimer Rapier - S5725M
Pappenheimer Rapier - S5725M

Pappenheimer Rapier - S5725M


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Pappenheimer Rapier Museum Quality

Ref: S5725M These swords are maticulously hand crafted. They are the finest and strongest swords available. The tangs are actual full tangs, not the typical rat tail that are found in most decorative swords. Steel guard and pommel with a leather over oak wire wrapped grip. The high quality blades are hand forged using EN45 Spring steel to make the blade non brittle and give it a spring like quality that will not warp. Tempered for strength.

The Pappenheimer Rapier: With its dashing good looks, the Rapier became the weapon of choice for the civilian gentry, but the military never fully adopted it except as a dress sword. However, it was obvious that the hand protection the new sword afforded was something that would be useful in battle. Since armour was in decline, blades could be slimmer. Sword designers conjured up a magic combination - a rapier style guard with a blade somewhere between a rapier and a cutting sword. The sword rapier became the sword of choice for most of the military. It was carried by many combatants in the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648 AD). The Pappenheimer Rapier was the choice of many, it was light, flexible, capable of both cut and thrust and yet not too heavy for good point work.

Key Features: Hand Crafted High Quality Construction Historically accurate EN45 Stainless Steel Specifications: Blade Length. 94 cm Blade Width (At widest). 2.8 cm Grip Length. 9 cm Overall Length. 114 cm Weight. 1.3 kg