Medieval War Hammer - S5730
Medieval War Hammer - S5730

Medieval War Hammer - S5730


Vendor : John Barnett

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Medieval War Hammer 13th - 15th Century Made by John Barnett

Medieval Knights Axe In medieval warfare the armoured knight represented the ultimate in shock cavalry. Fully clad in the best armour of the day and impervious to all but the most specialised weaponry he dominated the battlefield. Typically he was armed with a lance, sword and dagger, but after the inevitable loss of breakage of his lance it was not his expensive sword he would reach for, as the greatest percentage of hit fighting would be done with more specialised weaponry.

The war hammer was typically a heavy steel toothed head with a vicious spike on the reverse mounted onto an oak or steel haft. A blow with the toothed head would at least stun an opponent allowing for a second more powerful strike to be made. The spike was especially effective at piercing plate armour. If oak was used for the haft of the war hammer, metal strips called langlets were riveted to the wood to reinforce and protect against cuts. War hammers were used extensively between the years 1300-1500.

Key Features: Historically accurate High Quality Construction Hardwood Grip Specifications: Overall Length. 65cm Hammer Head Length. 7cm Spike Length. 10cm Top Spike Length. 11cm Full Length Riveted Langlets Weight. 1 Kg