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Ref: 47-8752

Derringer 95 Black/Blued Finish Wood Grips

This Kolser Derringer 95 Replica is a faithful recreation of the famous original Remington Arms pistol first produced in 1866.

This model is black blued finish with wooden grips. Additionally, the fact that it has a functional mechanism for placing specific dummy bullets manufactured by Kolser and adapted for caps adds an authentic touch to the user experience.

You can prepare the pistol for firing by rotating the lever forward, placing the cap-equipped bullet in the upper barrel, closing the barrels, and returning the lever to its original position reflects the classic design of historical derringers. It is also mentioned that the replica includes two bullets adapted for caps, adding value for collectors.

The Double Derringer 95 was the smallest functional pistol of any calibre in its past making it very popular amongst those seeking a compact and functional firearm for personal defence, especially among women due to its ease of concealment in a purse.

It's important to note that firearms, even replicas, should be handled responsibly.