Angel Katana Japanese Sword
Angel Katana Japanese Sword

Angel Katana Japanese Sword



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Ref: ZS-9210

Angel Katana Japanese Sword

After years of looking for a manufacturer/sword smith who makes quality Japanese Samurai Swords to the standard us experts at Battle Orders expect, we have finally found them. All the hand forged range and clay-tempered range are made to the finest quality and  the highest standards.

Handforged Katana
Blade Length (with Habaki): 28.7"
Handle Length: 11"
Overall Length (with Saya): 41"
Tsuka (handle) material: hard wood
Rayskin: (real) white
Tang: full tang with 2 Mekugi (peg)
Tsuba: zinc alloy
Fuchi and Kashira: zinc alloy
Other fittings: brass
Ito&Sageo: white
Blade Material: steel with hamon and bohi
Saya Material: hard wood white lacquered in glossary finish