18th Century Belgian Duelling Set
18th Century Belgian Duelling Set

18th Century Belgian Duelling Set


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18th Century Belgian Duelling Set

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If you were going to duel, you needed two pistols, because one really isn't enough to duel with (fairly, at least). This 18th Century Belgian Duelling Set contains two replica duelling pistols, which is just the number of pistols you need for a fair duel.

This set contains two identical pistols, which ensures that the grounds of the duel are sure to be fair. Both pistols feature a faux ivory grip that's been attractively carved to feature elegant leaf designs, as well as a checkered base that provides a secure grip. 

A highly engraved, gold finished butt plate acts as the last touch of decoration on the pistol's grip. The barrel echoes the design, featuring rich engravings down its length and a stunning gold finish that makes these pistols look like true works of art, although they always retain their realistic look, which tempers their appearance with a deadly design.

Only the flintlock mechanism is undecorated and left as a plain grey-metal finish. They are both contained in a cardboard storage box that features a picture of a duel along the top, as well as slots for storing the pistols when they're not in use.

Each pistol measures approximately 11.75 inches long. Please note that the two pistols contained within are replica pistols only and that in spite of any moving parts they possess or how realistic they look, they cannot be converted into working firearms.

If you're looking to acquire a pair of pistols, then you might want to consider a duelling set, because you'll get two great, matching pistols in their own storage box, which makes for a nice display. And if you happen to have any differences with a fellow friend, well, this 18th Century Belgian Duelling Set might just be a good way to settle your differences in a friendly, non-lethal way, by allowing you to re-enact your very own duels!

Key Features - Contains a Pair of Duelling Pistols Impressively Designed Replica Flintlock Pistols Has an Incredibly Real Look and Feel Features a Carved Mock Ivory Grips Barrel and Butt Cap Possess Rich Engravings and A Gold Finish Non-Firing Replica Flintlock Pistols A Great Pair of Collectibles, Prop Weapons, or Gift Idea.

Measurements Pistol Length: 11.75 inches

Pistol Weight: 2.5 lbs

Box Length: 12 inches