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Catspaw Blade - Game Of Thrones - VS0102
Cersei Lannister's Pendant - NN0082
Available for back order
Hand of the King Pin - NN0036
Ice Letter Opener  - NN0048
Iron Throne Bookend - NN0071
Jaime Lannister's Sword -  VS0111
Lannister Shield -  VS0115
Lannister Sigil Pendant - NN0062
Longclaw Letter Opener  - NN0044
Longclaw Scabbard -  VS0108
Longclaw Sword of Jon Snow Detail
Available for back order
Longclaw, Sword of Jon Snow (Book Version)
Loras Tyrell Helm -  VS0107
Needle Scabbard
Needle Scabbard
Needle Sword Replica UK
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