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Game of Thrones replica swords & collectables

The Game of Thrones swords & collectables found on our UK based website are based on those seen in the immensely successful American fantasy drama television series. It was created by D. B. Weiss & D. Beniof as an adaptation of the series of fantasy novels, written by George R. R. Martin's called A Song of Ice and Fire. Having initially been screened in North America back in 2011 in 2016 the 6th series finished. There are future series in the pipeline.

The exquisite detail & high quality of swords & collectables you will find on the site reflects the wide critical acclaim received by the series for its acting, characters, production values as well as its story. The awards won by the series included 26 Primetime Emmy Awards, & the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series won in 2015.

Emmy Awards 2016: Game of Thrones breaks record

The Game of Thrones swords & collectables we carry include, Catspaw Blade, Cersei Lannister's Pendant, Dragon Egg Pendant, Hand of the King Pin, Ice Letter Opener, Iron Throne Bookend, Jaime Lannister's Sword, King Robert's Warhammer, Lannister Shield, Lannister Sigil Pendant, Longclaw Letter Opener, Longclaw Scabbard, Longclaw Sword of Jon Snow, Loras Tyrell Helm, Needle, Sword of Arya Stark, Night's Watch Dragonglass Dagger Set, Oathkeeper, Targaryen Sigil Pendant, The Hound's Helm, & Unsullied Helm.

The main location for the first season was Belfast’s Paint Hall Studios in Northern Ireland. The southern scenes of the first season were captured in Malta which was an alternative to Morocco where the pilot episode had been shot. The location for the southern scenes changed again for the second series from Malta to Croatia which was also used for the third series.

The inspiration for the costumes came from a range of cultures including Persian & Japanese. The Dothraki costumes remind us of those worn by Bedouin's. The reversed animal pelts of the Wildlings resemble those of the Inuit people. Cothes were aged for a couple of weeks to help with the realism on HD screens.

While Game of Thrones had been initially dismissed by certain critics it has since been considered to have played a key role in generating renewed interest in the fantasy genre. The success of the series helped power sales of the A Song of Ice and Fire novels. As the seasons have progressed the Viewing numbers have increased as the series have progressed from two million at the beginning of series one to just under nine million at the end of series six.

In addition to the replica weapons & collectibles we carry there have also been spin of video games & a strategy game.