Old West Replica Guns & Swords - Colt 45 Peacemaker UK


Items available on our UK website include:

Colt 45 Peacemaker Replica 

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American Civil War Cavalry Officers Sword

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Navy Colt Replica - Grey 1860's Civil War

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Sharps Rifle Replica

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Our Old West / Western guns & collectables provide a taste of the fascinating folklore & history that unfolded over the massive expanse of what we all know now as the wild frontier. Obviously it was an amazing historical period that extended from the early 16 hundreds right up until the eventual inclusion of the last mainland territories into the United States in nineteen twelve. The items we offer include replicas of the most important & fascinating, revolvers, pistols, rifles, badges, swords, & shells from that time some of our collectibles are available in high quality presentation cases.

The names & deeds of those carrying guns has become legendary in history of the Wild West. While less frequent than the novels & Hollywood would have us believe they did occur throughout the period & as such are an important part of the history of the region.

1860 Model Double Barrel Hammer Shot Gun, 1862 Colt Navy Pocket Pistol, 1864 Stagecoach Shotgun, Apache Colt, Cavalry Officers Sword, Cavalry Replica Revolver, Chief Of Police Badge - Ennis Texas, Cavalry Nickel and Brass Finish, Colt 45 Peacemaker-Black Finish, Colt 45 Peacemaker-Steel Finish, Colt 45 Peacemaker-Wood Grips

Colt 45 Peacemaker-Nickel & Brass Finish 1860's pattern, COLT ARMY 1860'S ( black & brass), COLT ARMY 1860'S (Grey), Colt Frontier Nickel & Brass finish, Colt Frontier Revolver nickel and brass finish 1860's pattern, COLT NAVY ENGRAVED VERSION, Davy Crockett Pistol, DELUXE KENTUCKY FLINTLOCK PISTOL BRASS , Deputy United States Marshal Eagle Badge, Deputy United States Marshal Eagle Badge, Deringer Pistol Philadelphia, Dragoon Revolver - Antique Grey, Dummy Solid Brass Shell, Dummy Solid Nickel Shell, Enfield Rifle (1860), ENGRAVED WINCHESTER 1860's, Frontier Replica Revolver, GEORGE WASHINGTON PISTOL, HENRY REPEATING RIFLE, HOLSTER SHELLS FOR WESTERN RIGS, Indian Territory Police Badge, JESSIE JAMES PISTOL NICKEL FINISH 1860's, LEATHER DOUBLE RIG DARK BROWN , LINCOLN COUNTY SHERIFF STAR, MARSHAL TOMBSTONE BADGE, Navy Colt, Brass 1860's CIVIL WAR STYLE, Navy Colt, Grey 1860's CIVIL WAR STYLE, POCKET DERRINGER PISTOL brass finish, Replica Cavalry Revolver, Sharps Rifle Civil War 1859, SHERIFF STAR, Six Point Ball Tip Star Badge, Smith & Wesson JESSIE JAMES BLACK AND BRASS 1860's, TEXAS RANGER STAR,  THE DUKE WINCHESTER CARBINE ORIGINAL, United States Deputy Marshal Badge, US MARSHAL BADGE, USA CAVALRY PISTOL GRAY finish,  WELLS FARGO SHORT BARREL NAVY COLT 1860's PATTERN, Western Frontier Model Pistol, Western Frontier Model Steel Finish with Imitation Ivory Grips, Western Frontier Model Steel Finish with wooden grips, WINCHESTER RIFLE 1860'S Pattern, Grey finish, Yellowboy Winchester 1866 UNDERLEAVER ACTION PATENTED.